Can SORA risk analysis be used in the USA

Using SORA in the US

We at Preflight Safety strongly advocate for the use of the EASA SORA risk assessment process in the United States for both risk analysis and government approval of beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations. This standardized methodology offers several advantages over many of the current US-based approaches:

1. International Acceptance: EASA’s SORA is widely recognized and accepted across Europe and other regions, making it a valuable tool for harmonizing BVLOS operations globally. This international acceptance can facilitate cross-border drone activities and enhance safety standards.

2. Structured Approach: SORA provides a structured and systematic framework for evaluating the risks associated with BVLOS operations. It breaks down the assessment into ten distinct steps, ensuring a comprehensive and methodical evaluation of all potential hazards.

3. Evidence-Based Risk Mitigation: SORA emphasizes the importance of evidence-based risk mitigation strategies. It guides operators in identifying and implementing appropriate mitigation measures to reduce identified risks, ensuring a more robust and defensible risk management approach.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability: While SORA offers a standardized framework, it remains flexible and adaptable to accommodate a wide range of BVLOS operations and environments. This flexibility allows operators to tailor their risk assessments to the specific characteristics of their missions.

5. Regulatory Compliance: SORA aligns with the principles of the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Rulemaking Committee, providing a valuable tool for demonstrating compliance with US regulations.

Choosing a Norwegian Risk and Consulting Firm like Preflight Safety for the SORA Process:


Norwegian risk and consulting firm Preflight Safety, stands out as a reliable partner for SORA compliance due to its extensive experience and expertise in drone risk assessment and BVLOS operations. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Preflight Safety:

1. Proven Expertise: Preflight Safety boasts a team of highly experienced and qualified drone risk analysts with extensive knowledge of the SORA methodology. They have successfully guided numerous organizations through the SORA process, ensuring compliance with international standards.

2. Comprehensive Services: Preflight Safety offers a comprehensive range of SORA services, from initial risk assessment and mitigation planning to final documentation and regulatory submission. They provide a one-stop solution for all your BVLOS compliance needs.

3. Tailored Approach: Preflight Safety takes a tailored approach to each SORA assessment, considering the unique characteristics and operational parameters of the client’s BVLOS mission. This ensures a thorough and risk-specific evaluation.

4. Regulatory Insight: Preflight Safety maintains close ties with regulatory bodies like EASA through its work ned connections with the Norwegian CAA. Ensuring their SORA expertise aligns with the latest regulatory requirements. This up-to-date knowledge helps clients navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

5. International Network: Preflight Safety has a global network of partners, enabling them to provide support and assistance across borders, particularly for BVLOS operations that span multiple jurisdictions.

In conclusion, the EASA SORA risk assessment process offers a robust and internationally recognized framework for evaluating and mitigating BVLOS risks. Partnering with a seasoned risk and consulting firm like Preflight Safety further enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the SORA process, ensuring compliance with US regulations and paving the way for safe and responsible BVLOS operations.